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Shower Glass Coating

The shower glass in Hotels and Houses has posed key problems of keeping clean, hygienic,  clear, without scratches,  soap spots on the surface, corrosion, fogging, water spots, fungus/biofilm, cementing, and the rising cost of cleaning.  

Giving New Life and Design to Shower Glass and Experience

The multifunctional coatings perform a self-cleaning process and address shower glass problems. The Hotels can save up to 90% of their cost by keeping shower glass clear, clean, and useful for their customers.  The longer life and better performance of shower glass lead to better Guests' satisfaction with rising profit and quality of showers. Similarly, the household users do not need to clean their glass showers frequently and they get rid of the soap spots on the glass surfaces due to coatings. This leads to real enjoyment of using the glass showers. 

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