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The PV modules are installed with ARC or Without ARC properties world over. After the installation in the field, PV modules get birth in the real harsh world like a human baby. Like an adult Human is a product of Nature and Nurture, 25 years old PV modules are also the product of inherent quality material used at the manufacturing level and Life long Conditions of operation. Unfortunately, Life long conditions of operations are not given much importance by the Project owners. Operational conditions are too harsh in certain part of the world which even not imagined by PV module manufacturers, Financiers, EPC, and Project owners.  Coating Technology is based on the Philosophy of Nature and Nurture of PV modules, which means PV modules have to be made immune to harsh operational conditions as well as providing treatment during the operational conditions. We have two sets of coating technologies which lead to different products for different conditions. 

Lime Stone/Cement Industrial Area

Rajasthan is known for dusty desert, limestone factories, Cement factories, Stone factories and metal factories which lead to emission of dust of metal, cement, limestone, marble, and silica. A 1.5MW PV power plant in Nagaur District has been commissioned in 2018. This plant has got hard deposition of a permanent lime layer on glass surface of the PV modules within 6 months of commissioning date! The PV modules of Class A from Longi Solar were installed. Each PV module is labeled for Pmax as 340Wp, Voc 46.5V, Isc 9.49A. Due to permanent lime stone layer deposition parameter measurement are Pmax 53.80W, Voc 40.76V, Isc 1.32A and after Anti-soiling (HP+) coating module parameter measurement are Pmax 284,34, Voc 42V, Isc 6.77A. The Net power gain is 230,54W (428.5% Jump in power production). 

Linestone layer on old PV modules

City Site

A DMRC Site in Delhi has two Inverters with 30kWp and 20kWp respectively. The PV project was existing and commissioned in 2015. The PV modules from Waaree Solar with 250Wp each on second Inverter (20kWp) applied the anti-soiling (HP+) coating in June 2016. The PV modules on First Inverter are left without coating. The 3.5 years of performance has shown an average gain of 8.75% more power (kWh) production in Coated PV modules in comparison to Non-coated PV modules.

HP+ Coating (Anti-soiling) Performance in Dehi Metro Rail Project

Industrial Metal dust Polluted Site

Mountain Area Site

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