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Display Glass Coating

The display glass is used for small to large screens to display and advertise. The key problems for display glass are soiling, corrosion, fungal growth, scratches, blurring of letters and pictures, low light transmission, light reflection, glaring, flies' excreta, bird droppings, and regular cleaning requirements. The display glass is at Airports, Railways Stations, Metro Stations, Bus Stops, Shopping Center, Commerical places, offices, and household applications. 

LED Display or Display glass with antiglare and antireflective coating
LED Display or Display glass without antiglare and antireflective coating

With Coating: Anti-Glaring and Extra shining with clarity

Without Coating: visible Glaring

Anti glaring  and ARC coating shows display more brighter and clear as compare to display with noncoated glass. The glass surface of left display does not show any GLARING! The rights side display with a glass without our coating clearly shows GLARING or visible light or pic reflected from the glass surface. This makes uncomfortable to human eyes.


Photospectrul Analysis of Display Glass with Antiglare coating and ARC coating (Rads Lab).

The photospectral Analysis of Float Glass used in LED display. The glass with Coating from Rads has increased the orange colored light transmission by 6%. This resulted in better shining in left picture.   







Self Cleaning

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