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Automotive Glass Coating

The automotive glass plays critical roles as windshield and side window glass for Cars, Buses, Trucks, Military Vehicles, Trains, Metro Rails, Trams, and Ships. The glass must be kept clean, transparent, and clear during driving. Multifunctional Coatings developed and offered by us provide the most advanced and best technological solutions for the problems faced during driving or piloting. 

Windshield Glass Self Cleaning Coating

Automotive or Windshield Glass: The windshield glass is used for Cars, Buses, Trucks, Military Vehicles, Military Tanks, Trains, Metro Rails, Trams, Ship, and Boats to drive or pilot. The glass windshields need constant wiping and cleaning due to the rain, snow, soiling, and dirt deposition. The glass windshields get abrasions, corrosion, and decreasing clarity and visibility to the drivers and pilots due to the constant use of wipers and cleaning.  Coatings protect the glass against such risks and damages to the surface, keep the windshield clean for better visibility and safe driving and piloting. 

The coating has demonstrated that during rain drivers can drive even without using the wipers on the glass.  The real case demonstration can be seen here in the video.

Car/Buses/Truck: The application has shown extremely good results as demonstrated in the video. 

Anti-Fogging Coating

Windshield and window glass in Car, Trucks, Buses, and other Vehicles get insense Fog on its inner surface. The inside moisture generates due to human breathing get converted in in small water droplet on the inner surface of the glass due to cold or low temperature outside of the vehicle. This blocks the vision or reduces the visibility which creates the risk of life for drivers and traffic. Our Antifoging coating does not allow fogging on the surface and it keeps a clean glass surface. you do not need to use the Difogger in the vehicle. This also helps in increasing the mileage and saving the fuel and cost of fuel.  

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